Hello world!

My life can basically be described by this photo.

I guess I’m technically a “vegetarian” but I think the phrase “VEGETABLEarian” is more suitable. I love trying new foods and preparing foods in new ways. I am moderately obsessed with Kale and have been known to chomp on a cucumber straight up… and in the parking lot of the grocery store no less. I’m a slave to veggies.

I’m graduating from college with a degree in Chemical Engineering and will soon be relocating to North Carolina for a job in the Pharmaceutical industry. Upon arrival I’ll probably aim to become the next Miss North Carolina and obviously the next Miss America. (Kidding, mostly.) I’ll at least pick up a little southern accent to increase my (already overwhelming) charm.

Adventure calls to me and I do my best to never pass up an interesting opportunity. I love a spontaneous trip or a good hike.

In addition to food, adventure, and engineering, I have a passion for fitness, specifically yoga and running. Though I’m currently recovering from some sort of sports injury in my leg I aim to run my first half marathon by October of this year. (Arbitrary goals set to assure I make progress towards the finish line. Pun intended.)

We’ll see how this goes but for now, enjoy.


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