Home Goods Goods

I’m not good at doing nothing. I start my new job in my new city in exactly one month and must do my best for that next month to keep myself busy. Its harder than you would think when you’re a poor former college student with zero current responsibilities. That is why, when the weather this week defied the weathermen’s forecast I took my chances and headed off to the beach.

For my graduation, my cousin gave me the key to “The Animal House.” The house with thirteen bedrooms, three kitchens, and a mere three baths. Maybe four. Each bedroom belongs to a family member who has waited their turn and paid their dues. Well, my family has not, and will not ever be privileged to make the cut but I’ve been given the honor of using my cousin’s bedroom when it’s free.

As per my expectations the weathermen were once again wrong and the skies were blue and gorgeous.


But today I again woke up at home. Wondering what to do with my time and my boundless energy. After making some homemade “Thank You” cards, catching up on Modern Family, and watching Midnight in Paris, I had to get out of the house. So I made a trip to Home Goods. And by a trip, I mean an afternoon. I inspected each aisle to find the hidden gems it always has to offer.

Three gems I did find. All food. Much to my mother’s dismay.

ImageAll good food, mind you.

I’ve been looking to find a good way to prepare the shiritaki noodles my roommate donated to me after she decided she hated them. This thai peanut sauce caught my eye as the perfect solution. I already opened it and dipped a little bit of kale into it to taste it. Perfect blend of spicy and peanutty and I sort of can’t wait to try this with my noodles. Which I’m a little intimidated by. But I will conquer the shiritaki noodles. I will.

The next item caught my eye when I spotted “Cacao Goji Maca” through a mess of other snacks on the shelf. Anything with these stellar superfood ingredients had to be given a chance. These “Snackaroons” from Laughing Giraffe Organics. They’ve got a pretty impressive ingredient list and taste absolutely spectacular. (Obviously I had to open them in the car to get a taste. I like my instant gratification.)

Lastly, White Truffle Oil Spritzer. Because I attest that the best kind of Kale chips are the kind made with just a bit of truffle oil and sea salt. I find all my white truffle oil at Home Goods because its world’s cheaper than anywhere else and I was ecstatic to find it in a spritzer bottle for ease of use.

I did, of course, have to stop myself from buying up half of the store, including a set of wine glasses and glass tupperware containers. But the more I buy now the more I have to pack into that tiny Uhaul truck to make my trek South. And my closet is already going to give me enough of a challenge.



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