Maybe this time it’ll stick.

Hello Blog. Long time, no see. Really. a year has come and passed and a lot has happened   But for now let’s just pick up with where we are today and assume we’ll make it to the middle a parts at some point.

That time came. I left my love in a far away city. Far deeper south than I’d ever been before. Hotlanta.

We are stupid.


So now it’s me. Living in Raleigh. Working in pharmaceuticals. Commuting. Taking phonecalls and sending emails. Eating popcorn and dried mango pieces for dinner every night.

Getting buff. Like, way more fit than Miley Cyrus in her nude bikini.

Daydreaming of my future puppy.

But back to buff. Strength training is doing wonders for me. Really. I thought the hype was overrated–what is wrong with me? But I feel them. My abs. They’re there and they’re ready to come out. So lets see where this goes. After my 4:00 am workout tomorrow.

Hence why I need to go to bed and why I’m going to publish this last ditch effort of a blog post even though its a jumbled mess and makes approximately no sense.

Night ya’ll. (see, there really is some southern girl in me)


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