Cheap week challenge

My credit card bill sucks. Like, really, sucks the money right out of my account. Having worked a year and having lived to the fullest through most of that year, my bank account hasn’t managed to amass much of a sum despite the consistent salary I’m pulling in. So I’m setting a challenge for myself. Inspired by my imaginary best friends John and Sherry over at Young House Love.

I’m only going to spend money on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (Ok, I already cheated because I needed to buy gas today) This could be totally counterproductive because those days are so easy to spend money on. But hopefully this will cut down on my online shopping obsession. And the excessive amounts of meals I eat at Whole Foods.

Currently it has left my refrigerator pretty sparse.

Half of this is probably expired....

Half of this is probably expired….

My stuff is on the left side. Yep. This challenge is not only a test on my wallet but also my stomach. How long can I live off of condiments, dry goods, and frozen veggies that currently own my freezer. Seriously I swear the things are mating in there. I have no idea where they all came from. Oh, and obviously this will be tested the healthy way. Meaning my cheapo-free-o because I already own it meals will maintain the healthfulness of everything else I eat. Bring it on.


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