Things that happened this weekend…

So, this weekend was Labor Day! Which meant 3-day weekend in my lover’s new town, HOTlanta! 

During this long and lovely weekend I did something new… Crossfit! Let me just say, I was nervous. Very, very nervous. I was going to die. Or throw up. Or pass out. Or something. The workout included flipping tires… Yes, I flipped tires. Who am I? A badass. That’s who. 

But I survived. And I thrived. (I even did better than Michael. Seriously, pilates had me very prepped for the ab work.) I would do it again. I probably will. But in the meantime I’m keeping my abs strong and tough with lots of pilates. And lots of planks. 

After our morning workout we ventured downtown for the Elon vs. Georgia Tech game. Ps.  If you have not yet seen Georgia Tech’s convocation speech, you are behind the times. Watch it now and wish you were an engineer. 


The game was a little sad…. If you’re an Elon fan. (Michael’s friend is an Elon alum so we were formally rooting for Elon. But my respect lies with the engineers at tech. Secretly. 


We’re gross. 

We left at halftime and met up with Michael’s friend’s family at The Varsity. I snuck a couple of fries but held out for some vegan food to be consumed later. 

Usually, my sense of direction is impeccable. But somehow my attempt to find “Healthful Essence” (as recommended on Happy Cow) we got lost. In a hippie neighborhood. I mean, peace signs. Everywhere. It was glorious. 

But alas, the iPhone and Google Maps came to the rescue and we found it eventually. It was a bit…. Off the beaten path. But the food was decent and reasonably priced. I got BBQ tofu and curried vegetables–the veggies were way tasty. But I realized I’ve been eating way too much tofu lately. I have a problem. 

After dinner I wanted to go for a walk (reason #94 I need a puppy) and we decided to take Mercedes. Yes, she’s green and she talks. 


She doesn’t really love walks. But she’s cute, right? 

I’ll update about the rest of our weekend later! More exciting adventures to come. 

Ps. The soreness that overtook my legs for three days following crossfit really did not help our Sunday afternoon activities! 


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