Stone Mountain is a Hike!

I’m back! I really need to figure out a better way to write these posts. WordPress on the ipad is horrible and I don’t like fighting with it! 

Anyway, back to where we left off. Sunday morning I was feeling sore. Let me tell you, crossfit killed my quads. But of course, we had plans to hike Stone Mountain and I wasn’t backing out. Stone Mountain is only a one mile hike but gains about 1800ft in elevation over that distance. My quads weren’t happy. But it was pretty lovely at the top of the world!



Can we all take a minute to admire that bicep??? Where did that thing come from?? 



The hike back down the mountain was pretty quick and easy. I half considered walking up it again but a storm seemed to be rolling in and I did not want to be caught at the top of a mountain in a lightning storm. Call me crazy. Or rather, Kale me Crazy. 



Yes, Georgia has seemed to welcome me with its love of Kale. And yes, in normal Brittany-Michael fashion we did some post-hiking Whole Foods shopping. The Whole Foods we went to was NO JOKE. I have been to a lot of Whole Foods in my day but this one was truly breathtaking. Yes, I describe Whole Foods as breathtaking. I am insane. And obsessed. 


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