Another New Start

Yes, It seems I only touch this thing when I’m in a life transition. And now I’m officially living in Atlanta, Georgia. Yes, my company transferred me down here last week and I’ve taken the leap to moving in with my boyfriend.

Half of my life is still in North Carolina… mostly my furniture.


My dining table was my first successful Craigslist posting! And I’m terrible at negotiating–when the lady asked if I’d take $120 for it I told her I’d take $100… duh Brittany, get your act together.

I pack my breakables in plastic bags… because recycling is good for the earth. And is free… if you’re not afraid of dumpster diving at the grocery story. (ok, there’s a plastic bag only receptacle out front and they told me I could do it but I still felt weird about it.)


Since Arriving last week, it has been a transition. To say the least. Michael got his white coat—yay Future Doctor Michael! (Boo lonely Brittany.)


I worked all last week at my new job site but was sick all week and didn’t manage to get ANY workouts in. I’m forgiving myself because my life is in such transition right now and I haven’t found a gym down here yet. (Trying out a new one tonight and taking their version of a barre class. Hoping it goes well!)

This weekend Michael and I decided we needed to do some exploring around town and ended up somewhere between Emory University and Midtown. Obviously there were hipster coffee shops involved.


And some antiquing. I sent my mom this photo so she could ask my dad if he knew what this was. She replied, “He’s sleeping but it looks like a headless doll to me.” Thank’s mom.


We stumbled upon this wonderful little shop where I bought some super awesome etsy-esque things that I will share when I get them all sorted out where they’re going.
And in true Brittany adventure fashion we ended up completely straying from the plan and painting some pottery. I made this shallow bowl with a Katniss Everdeen inspired arrow design. (Speaking of, Catching Fire was amazing and made me so emotional.) I’m superrr excited about getting the finished product after it’s fired.


We then ventured to a little vegan restaurant for dinner where I took selfies because Micheal got self conscious about me constantly photographing him. And because my photo hasn’t been posted on here in forever I’m sharing.



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