When I Think I Can Do it All….

Yesterday was a long day. Of course, instead of being actually productive and checking things off of my To Do list (Pick up garage key, submit expense report, sign up for health insurance) I found myself with boundless energy. Like really, A LOT of energy. I actually tried to convince Michael to assert his manliness by standing as still as possible against the wall so I could try to climb him. I am not kidding. I am probably insane. This climbing energy was invoked by the trip I made to Stone Summit yesterday. Stone Summit is apparently the largest climbing gym in the nation (holy, what?) and its pretty easy to see why.


The walls in this place are gargantuan. I’m sort of afraid of heights. Don’t ask me how the fear of heights and climbing fit together—actually the climbing started the fear when I decided to be a dummy and climb too high without a harness and fall on my ankle—it makes no sense. But alas, I still feel this primal need to climb things (apparently including my boyfriend). I spent about 45 minutes climbing (super weak but I’m just getting back into it and I didn’t want to completely wear myself out for the workout I had planned for the evening).

I’m going to interrupt this riveting recap of my workouts to show you this:


Dear God the bugs in Georgia are disgusting. This picture cannot accurately depict how MASSIVE this thing was. Of course, I had to take a photo to send to Michael before actually killing the thing (priorities, people). Anyway, I smashed it with my shoe and left a big streak of bug guts on the wall that will be removed at some later time. I’m disgusting.

Anyway, back to this whole workout thing. I decided to take a Fitness Yoga class at my new gym since I haven’t done traditional yoga in a longggg time (since college) and I’ve been feeling really tight lately (probably from too much strength training/not enough stretching). I got to the gym a little before my class to get a bit of a run in (it has been so cold and rainy today that I just wanted to make sure I got to do some major sweating). Traffic had other plans for me. Oh, Atlanta. So I ran a quick (for me) mile (9:15) before heading to the yoga studio.

The class was pretty standard as far as yoga classes go. It was much like a Vinyasa Flow class and I enjoyed the change of pace. I was surprised at how much Savasana did for me. Usually I get pretty bored with it and just want to leave but I felt completely relaxed and could have layed there all night. Maybe it was all the activity I did throughout the day… No more underestimating the powers of Savasana!

Personal training session this morning with my new tri-inspiration coach. (Maybe, hopefully.) I just need to make some friends in this town! (Besides all of Michael’s medical school friends. As you can imagine they study. A lot.)

One Day more! Yay Thanksgiving!


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