When I Think I Can Do it All….

Yesterday was a long day. Of course, instead of being actually productive and checking things off of my To Do list (Pick up garage key, submit expense report, sign up for health insurance) I found myself with boundless energy. Like really, A LOT of energy. I actually tried to convince Michael to assert his manliness by standing as still as possible against the wall so I could try to climb him. I am not kidding. I am probably insane. This climbing energy was invoked by the trip I made to Stone Summit yesterday. Stone Summit is apparently the largest climbing gym in the nation (holy, what?) and its pretty easy to see why.


The walls in this place are gargantuan. I’m sort of afraid of heights. Don’t ask me how the fear of heights and climbing fit together—actually the climbing started the fear when I decided to be a dummy and climb too high without a harness and fall on my ankle—it makes no sense. But alas, I still feel this primal need to climb things (apparently including my boyfriend). I spent about 45 minutes climbing (super weak but I’m just getting back into it and I didn’t want to completely wear myself out for the workout I had planned for the evening).

I’m going to interrupt this riveting recap of my workouts to show you this:


Dear God the bugs in Georgia are disgusting. This picture cannot accurately depict how MASSIVE this thing was. Of course, I had to take a photo to send to Michael before actually killing the thing (priorities, people). Anyway, I smashed it with my shoe and left a big streak of bug guts on the wall that will be removed at some later time. I’m disgusting.

Anyway, back to this whole workout thing. I decided to take a Fitness Yoga class at my new gym since I haven’t done traditional yoga in a longggg time (since college) and I’ve been feeling really tight lately (probably from too much strength training/not enough stretching). I got to the gym a little before my class to get a bit of a run in (it has been so cold and rainy today that I just wanted to make sure I got to do some major sweating). Traffic had other plans for me. Oh, Atlanta. So I ran a quick (for me) mile (9:15) before heading to the yoga studio.

The class was pretty standard as far as yoga classes go. It was much like a Vinyasa Flow class and I enjoyed the change of pace. I was surprised at how much Savasana did for me. Usually I get pretty bored with it and just want to leave but I felt completely relaxed and could have layed there all night. Maybe it was all the activity I did throughout the day… No more underestimating the powers of Savasana!

Personal training session this morning with my new tri-inspiration coach. (Maybe, hopefully.) I just need to make some friends in this town! (Besides all of Michael’s medical school friends. As you can imagine they study. A lot.)

One Day more! Yay Thanksgiving!


Another New Start

Yes, It seems I only touch this thing when I’m in a life transition. And now I’m officially living in Atlanta, Georgia. Yes, my company transferred me down here last week and I’ve taken the leap to moving in with my boyfriend.

Half of my life is still in North Carolina… mostly my furniture.


My dining table was my first successful Craigslist posting! And I’m terrible at negotiating–when the lady asked if I’d take $120 for it I told her I’d take $100… duh Brittany, get your act together.

I pack my breakables in plastic bags… because recycling is good for the earth. And is free… if you’re not afraid of dumpster diving at the grocery story. (ok, there’s a plastic bag only receptacle out front and they told me I could do it but I still felt weird about it.)


Since Arriving last week, it has been a transition. To say the least. Michael got his white coat—yay Future Doctor Michael! (Boo lonely Brittany.)


I worked all last week at my new job site but was sick all week and didn’t manage to get ANY workouts in. I’m forgiving myself because my life is in such transition right now and I haven’t found a gym down here yet. (Trying out a new one tonight and taking their version of a barre class. Hoping it goes well!)

This weekend Michael and I decided we needed to do some exploring around town and ended up somewhere between Emory University and Midtown. Obviously there were hipster coffee shops involved.


And some antiquing. I sent my mom this photo so she could ask my dad if he knew what this was. She replied, “He’s sleeping but it looks like a headless doll to me.” Thank’s mom.


We stumbled upon this wonderful little shop where I bought some super awesome etsy-esque things that I will share when I get them all sorted out where they’re going.
And in true Brittany adventure fashion we ended up completely straying from the plan and painting some pottery. I made this shallow bowl with a Katniss Everdeen inspired arrow design. (Speaking of, Catching Fire was amazing and made me so emotional.) I’m superrr excited about getting the finished product after it’s fired.


We then ventured to a little vegan restaurant for dinner where I took selfies because Micheal got self conscious about me constantly photographing him. And because my photo hasn’t been posted on here in forever I’m sharing.


Stone Mountain is a Hike!

I’m back! I really need to figure out a better way to write these posts. WordPress on the ipad is horrible and I don’t like fighting with it! 

Anyway, back to where we left off. Sunday morning I was feeling sore. Let me tell you, crossfit killed my quads. But of course, we had plans to hike Stone Mountain and I wasn’t backing out. Stone Mountain is only a one mile hike but gains about 1800ft in elevation over that distance. My quads weren’t happy. But it was pretty lovely at the top of the world!



Can we all take a minute to admire that bicep??? Where did that thing come from?? 



The hike back down the mountain was pretty quick and easy. I half considered walking up it again but a storm seemed to be rolling in and I did not want to be caught at the top of a mountain in a lightning storm. Call me crazy. Or rather, Kale me Crazy. 



Yes, Georgia has seemed to welcome me with its love of Kale. And yes, in normal Brittany-Michael fashion we did some post-hiking Whole Foods shopping. The Whole Foods we went to was NO JOKE. I have been to a lot of Whole Foods in my day but this one was truly breathtaking. Yes, I describe Whole Foods as breathtaking. I am insane. And obsessed. 

Cheap week challenge

My credit card bill sucks. Like, really, sucks the money right out of my account. Having worked a year and having lived to the fullest through most of that year, my bank account hasn’t managed to amass much of a sum despite the consistent salary I’m pulling in. So I’m setting a challenge for myself. Inspired by my imaginary best friends John and Sherry over at Young House Love.

I’m only going to spend money on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (Ok, I already cheated because I needed to buy gas today) This could be totally counterproductive because those days are so easy to spend money on. But hopefully this will cut down on my online shopping obsession. And the excessive amounts of meals I eat at Whole Foods.

Currently it has left my refrigerator pretty sparse.

Half of this is probably expired....

Half of this is probably expired….

My stuff is on the left side. Yep. This challenge is not only a test on my wallet but also my stomach. How long can I live off of condiments, dry goods, and frozen veggies that currently own my freezer. Seriously I swear the things are mating in there. I have no idea where they all came from. Oh, and obviously this will be tested the healthy way. Meaning my cheapo-free-o because I already own it meals will maintain the healthfulness of everything else I eat. Bring it on.

Maybe this time it’ll stick.

Hello Blog. Long time, no see. Really. a year has come and passed and a lot has happened   But for now let’s just pick up with where we are today and assume we’ll make it to the middle a parts at some point.

That time came. I left my love in a far away city. Far deeper south than I’d ever been before. Hotlanta.

We are stupid.


So now it’s me. Living in Raleigh. Working in pharmaceuticals. Commuting. Taking phonecalls and sending emails. Eating popcorn and dried mango pieces for dinner every night.

Getting buff. Like, way more fit than Miley Cyrus in her nude bikini.

Daydreaming of my future puppy.

But back to buff. Strength training is doing wonders for me. Really. I thought the hype was overrated–what is wrong with me? But I feel them. My abs. They’re there and they’re ready to come out. So lets see where this goes. After my 4:00 am workout tomorrow.

Hence why I need to go to bed and why I’m going to publish this last ditch effort of a blog post even though its a jumbled mess and makes approximately no sense.

Night ya’ll. (see, there really is some southern girl in me)

New Adventures in a New City

So it has begun. My new life in my new city. I started working this morning bright and early. After waking up at 5:00 I left my house by 6:10 to make the 50 minute commute to Rocky Mount. I was twenty five minutes early for the 7:30 start time but was glad I got an idea of how long it would take me to get to work in the mornings. The sun streamed directly in front of my windshield the entire ride but was a nice welcome beacon to new beginnings.

Lets rewind. Yesterday morning I packed up my car bright and early after a wonderful day with my family on Saturday. Left my house by 7:00 and made it to my apartment in just over six hours.


(After a stop at my favorite Wawa in Virginia. Can you believe those gas prices??)

ImageMost of the roads I’ve encountered in Raleigh look something like this:


Ran some errands, mainly shopping. Trader Joe’s in Raleigh apparently restocks EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is so foreign to me because my old TJ’s only restocks on Monday nights so you have to go on Tuesday to get really good stuff. (Kale). I made a pretty big deal about it and I’m pretty sure the employee I was discussing this with got a little uncomfortable with my enthusiasm. Came home and whipped up some de-fricken-licious veggie burgers.Served with half a red pepper that didn’t go in the burgers and about three sips of Shiraz.

ImageI chose only to take three sips of the wine because I decided instead I needed a run around my new complex at sunset. This town really is gorgeous. With a little instagram action.


You’re In The South Now Veggie Burgers

Makes 4 burgers
Time 15 mins

1/2 cup cooked brown rice
1 can black beans
1/2 red pepper (eat the other half as a side)
2 stalks celery
1/4 cup pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
one crushed red pepper (about 1/4 tsp)
1 tsp cumin
salt and pepper
8-10 seaweed snacks (optional)

Mash half of the beans in a bowl with a fork. Sautee celery and red pepper in a skillet until softened. Add crushed red pepper. Mix veggies and the rest of beans into the mashed beans. Add rice, pepitas and cumin. Crush seaweed snacks into mixture and mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste (though if you use the seaweed you shouldn’t need salt).

Form into patties and fry on a skillet or bake in the oven (350F for 30 mins).

The seaweed in these vegan veggie burgers provides much needed iodine. Seaweed is the only vegan source of iodine so adding it to simple recipes assures sufficient iodine consumption.

I ate the leftovers as a salad today mixed with broccoli slaw and kale. It doesn’t have to be a burger! Enjoy!

Back to enjoying the City of Oaks…

Home Goods Goods

I’m not good at doing nothing. I start my new job in my new city in exactly one month and must do my best for that next month to keep myself busy. Its harder than you would think when you’re a poor former college student with zero current responsibilities. That is why, when the weather this week defied the weathermen’s forecast I took my chances and headed off to the beach.

For my graduation, my cousin gave me the key to “The Animal House.” The house with thirteen bedrooms, three kitchens, and a mere three baths. Maybe four. Each bedroom belongs to a family member who has waited their turn and paid their dues. Well, my family has not, and will not ever be privileged to make the cut but I’ve been given the honor of using my cousin’s bedroom when it’s free.

As per my expectations the weathermen were once again wrong and the skies were blue and gorgeous.


But today I again woke up at home. Wondering what to do with my time and my boundless energy. After making some homemade “Thank You” cards, catching up on Modern Family, and watching Midnight in Paris, I had to get out of the house. So I made a trip to Home Goods. And by a trip, I mean an afternoon. I inspected each aisle to find the hidden gems it always has to offer.

Three gems I did find. All food. Much to my mother’s dismay.

ImageAll good food, mind you.

I’ve been looking to find a good way to prepare the shiritaki noodles my roommate donated to me after she decided she hated them. This thai peanut sauce caught my eye as the perfect solution. I already opened it and dipped a little bit of kale into it to taste it. Perfect blend of spicy and peanutty and I sort of can’t wait to try this with my noodles. Which I’m a little intimidated by. But I will conquer the shiritaki noodles. I will.

The next item caught my eye when I spotted “Cacao Goji Maca” through a mess of other snacks on the shelf. Anything with these stellar superfood ingredients had to be given a chance. These “Snackaroons” from Laughing Giraffe Organics. They’ve got a pretty impressive ingredient list and taste absolutely spectacular. (Obviously I had to open them in the car to get a taste. I like my instant gratification.)

Lastly, White Truffle Oil Spritzer. Because I attest that the best kind of Kale chips are the kind made with just a bit of truffle oil and sea salt. I find all my white truffle oil at Home Goods because its world’s cheaper than anywhere else and I was ecstatic to find it in a spritzer bottle for ease of use.

I did, of course, have to stop myself from buying up half of the store, including a set of wine glasses and glass tupperware containers. But the more I buy now the more I have to pack into that tiny Uhaul truck to make my trek South. And my closet is already going to give me enough of a challenge.