Thanksgiving Week/End With the Birds

And I don’t mean turkeys.

This past Thanksgiving/Weekend was mostly about moving. My entire apartment in North Carolina was full of furniture. Full. Someone could’ve moved in and not bought a thing. I should have gotten some tenants and made some extra cash. $$$

So, in order to get my couch into my new place I needed to first to get rid of Michael’s. Which meant driving a Uhaul both ways to and from NC. The thrill. Thankfully, with some years of ambulance driving experience, Michael took the wheel.

Thanksgiving and Moving to ATL 006

See the crate? Yep, this one was along for the ride.

Thanksgiving and Moving to ATL 005

That little green lady is Mercedes. Michael’s first love. And my new roommate.

Oh, but once we arrived there were more of her kind.

Thanksgiving and Moving to ATL 031Thanksgiving and Moving to ATL 037

Sam is a 36 year old cockatoo who loves everyone and is the loudest creature on the planet. He hops around the dinner table and steals food off of people’s plates. Rude. But hilarious.

Wallie is a lovebird. He also loves everyone and likes to nest in my hair.

We spent the first night of Hanukkah at Michael’s mom’s house with some family that was in from Hong Kong. It was great to finally meet them and we ended up staying up way past my bedtime talking about family stories and life in Hong Kong.

Thanksgiving day was dedicated to packing. Michael was helpful.

Thanksgiving and Moving to ATL 034

It was chaos and I think I managed to pack my entire apartment in about four hours. Which was good because we had Thanksgiving dinner to get to! Picture more birds, some food and typical Thanksgiving antics. (Me drinking more glasses of wine than everyone else because it’s a holiday and in my family that’s what holidays are for.)

Friday was a whirlwind day with another Thanksgiving dinner at Michael’s dad’s house and dinner with his Mom and family again at a Raleigh staple, The Pit. Oh wait, barbecue, vegan, you say? The Pit has some amazing barbecued tofu. Which is actually seitan (wheat gluten). I wish I had taken a photo of it because it looks like meat. It tastes like meat. Its made of wheat. With some grilled veggies on the side. Om nom nom.

It was a great ending to a great visit. Because early Saturday morning my belongings had to make themselves into the UHaul.

Thanksgiving and Moving to ATL 045 Thanksgiving and Moving to ATL 046Thanksgiving and Moving to ATL 049

This is what we call teamwork! Moving is FUN! Woo…

Thanksgiving and Moving to ATL 052

Thanksgiving and Moving to ATL 053

Emptiness. Honestly I thought this would be a sad moment. But after stressing over getting it all packed and moved out in three days while trying to simultaneously spend as much family time as possible during the holidays I was so ready to be out of there and done with it all.

And now, back in Atlanta! Most of my stuff is in storage on site but my couch made its way here. And enough pillows to make a human sized nest… and don’t think I haven’t thought about doing it. Like, after I write this post.

Thanksgiving and Moving to ATL 058

Currently this place is chaos. But I have vision. I always do.

I need to refinish that coffee table because obviously it’s the same color as the couch. Thoughts???


Things that happened this weekend…

So, this weekend was Labor Day! Which meant 3-day weekend in my lover’s new town, HOTlanta! 

During this long and lovely weekend I did something new… Crossfit! Let me just say, I was nervous. Very, very nervous. I was going to die. Or throw up. Or pass out. Or something. The workout included flipping tires… Yes, I flipped tires. Who am I? A badass. That’s who. 

But I survived. And I thrived. (I even did better than Michael. Seriously, pilates had me very prepped for the ab work.) I would do it again. I probably will. But in the meantime I’m keeping my abs strong and tough with lots of pilates. And lots of planks. 

After our morning workout we ventured downtown for the Elon vs. Georgia Tech game. Ps.  If you have not yet seen Georgia Tech’s convocation speech, you are behind the times. Watch it now and wish you were an engineer. 


The game was a little sad…. If you’re an Elon fan. (Michael’s friend is an Elon alum so we were formally rooting for Elon. But my respect lies with the engineers at tech. Secretly. 


We’re gross. 

We left at halftime and met up with Michael’s friend’s family at The Varsity. I snuck a couple of fries but held out for some vegan food to be consumed later. 

Usually, my sense of direction is impeccable. But somehow my attempt to find “Healthful Essence” (as recommended on Happy Cow) we got lost. In a hippie neighborhood. I mean, peace signs. Everywhere. It was glorious. 

But alas, the iPhone and Google Maps came to the rescue and we found it eventually. It was a bit…. Off the beaten path. But the food was decent and reasonably priced. I got BBQ tofu and curried vegetables–the veggies were way tasty. But I realized I’ve been eating way too much tofu lately. I have a problem. 

After dinner I wanted to go for a walk (reason #94 I need a puppy) and we decided to take Mercedes. Yes, she’s green and she talks. 


She doesn’t really love walks. But she’s cute, right? 

I’ll update about the rest of our weekend later! More exciting adventures to come. 

Ps. The soreness that overtook my legs for three days following crossfit really did not help our Sunday afternoon activities!